Race War Kingdoms is a game that allows players to communicate with each other. As stated in the Terms of Use Glitchless cannot guarantee that the things said or information linked to by other players of the game will be suitable for all ages. Race War Kingdoms offers tools such as the /ignore feature and the ability to completely turn off chat in order to allow players to shelter themselves from possibly offensive material.

Race War Kingdoms' player to player communication is all server based. This means that messages are never sent directly between players' computers but rather through our servers in order to protect your privacy. Other common chatting programs often allow messages to be sent directly between users allowing them to gain knowledge of your IP address which can be used to determine private information such as your location or as a gateway to attempt to hijack your computer. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT RACE WAR KINGDOMS PLAYERS DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER PLAYERS OUTSIDE OF RACE WAR KINGDOMS TO ENSURE THEIR PRIVACY AND SAFETY.

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